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Girl in a Coma Video Contest – I WON!

still frame: body on table

Set Design Still

Set Design still

Girl in a Coma (GIAC) in conjunction with Blackheart Brigade ran a video contest for the GIAC song “Cemetery Baby.” I was alerted about the video contest and immediately contemplated the concept for the video and then it came to me, the legend La Llorona.

I heard about La Llorona at my grandparents holiday party when I was around 7 or 8 years old. I was bored in the kitchen with my grandmother and my aunts when I asked to go outside, which my grandmother said, “no,” because it was dark and La Llorona might get me. I asked “who is La Lloronoa?” My grandmother began to tell me me her version of the story.

La Llorona had two children and her husband had left her. Struggling to make ends meet, she led a hard and lonely life until one day she met a new man. She fell in love with the man, but the man kept her a secret, for he was ashamed because she was once a married woman and had two children. La Llorona knew of her love’s shame for her past life, so she decided to get rid of her children. So she took her children down to the river one dark and warm night and walked them into the stream. As they got deeper and deeper the children stood on the tippy toes to breath until finally their feet could not reach the bottom of the river. La Llorona held her children under water until they finally succumbed to death. The mother returned to her home and a huge longing and guilt over her children’s death came over her. She immediately ran back to the river wailing and crying for her babies and in her craze drowned herself. It is to this day that we will hear the wailing and crying of La Llorona at the river night calling out “mis hijos, mis hijos.”

I shot my video for “Cemetery Baby” based on my experimental version of La Llorona. Rather than shoot the story, I decided to shoot shots that would illustrate the end of La Llorona’s own life and her dance with death.

I was very excited to shoot on my Canon 5D mark II. All locations used are on the south side of San Antonio, which was very important to me. I grew up on the south east side of S.A. and the city’s urban legends were huge with my friends and family. For me, shooting on the Military cemetery and SA river was great to keep with the stories nostalgic purposes.

I submitted my video and I won the contest! I’ve been working with Girl in a Coma and my video will be the official video for their song “Cemetery Baby.” This is so very exciting for me, because I’ve been inspired by Girl in a Coma on previous video projects. The video will debut shortly, can’t wait to share it.

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